Phased Away EP

by Snardok

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    This is my first EP and features two original songs and two remixed versions from my good friends John Rusch and Patrick Russell. It will be available for download on October 1st and will be the first in a succession of Singles/EP's leading up to a December album release. WÔÖÒÓŒØŌÕ∞øooo!!!!

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Lurking and Hurting! (On accident!)


released October 1, 2013

Produced by Kevin Cavanagh
Remixes by John Rush and Patrick Russell
Album Art by Kevin Cavanagh

Recorded at Cat Factory/Running Train Studios - Denton, TX das wassup



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Track Name: Phased Away
If I had to break my legs with tippy toes,
To save something from spoilin' though it's already old,
I'd be doin' us a favor - make the story unfold,
Things are gettin' staler man -I'm feeling bored.

So we try - do we try? - we try to bounce,
You find glue - I find my rubber shoes can't feel the ground.
Can't escape myself and the feeling of Ron.
Will you come back when you've sang your song?

Now I'm shaking and hoping this works,
I'm dying fast - it feels ready to burst.
It's collapsing on itself - fulfilling its thirst.
It finally breaks and fades away - it's phased away.
Track Name: Didn't Know
Are you stupid?